Our Story



We are Rylentless. Or, relentless, with a “why.”

In the Spring of 2016, we were still in the process of discovering our “why.” We admit, at the time, it was somewhat elusive. Having just left a job, sometimes it’s a challenge to determine what’s next.

We were researching great business leaders and what makes them so effective. And then it hit us.

Reading how many of the best leaders communicate through story, we were moved by the compelling science behind story, and how it activates our brains as compared to communicating using logic alone. When we considered how 7 out of 10 employees are disengaged at work, and how so few employees can articulate or remember their own business strategy, this made complete sense. Many business leaders often communicate business strategy using logic-based arguments (data, facts, reason, etc.). While logical, this method of communication isn’t effective in moving people into action.

But story, on the other hand, taps directly into our emotional centers, connects us, gives us context, creates empathy in our listeners, and promotes action. When business leaders use story to communicate business purpose or a business strategy to achieve a strategic objective, it leverages our very biology and story’s universality because none of us are immune to its power. 

We believe that story has the ability to unlock value in brands, galvanize the workforce and create competitive advantage. Further, we believe that if every business leader in America were to fully understand, appreciate and embrace the science behind story and its irrefutable power, that business would be changed forever

And based on our years of experience in business, strategy, marketing, acting, writing and relationship-building, story resonates with us as an innovative and effective method of creating emotional connection and inspiring people to take action.


All the world’s a story. Are you telling yours?

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